Construction Clean-up

Whether your construction project is a new facility or the remodeling of an existing school, office building, or a retail location, American Janitor Service can handle all of your post construction clean-up needs.  Complete clean-up of any size project is well managed and completed on time and within your budget, given the logistical planning on our part.

With all of our quotes, references are given, so you can verify our work history.

Below are two pictures of work being done on the new construction clean-up on a gymnasium floor.

The picture on the left shows part of the gymnasium floor completely cleaned.  Done on time and within budget to the complete satisfaction of the owner and contractor

If you would like to meet pre-bid or during construction, for a cleaning quote, please do not hesitate to contact me,

Keith Goldstein at or

Telephone 585-330-0039

The picture on the left shows work being done on a floor in  a remodeled, and the picture  on the right shows the completed job.