Often home owners who are unhappy with the way that their floors look decide to, at worst, replace them, and at best, try to clean them themselves.  Cleaning your own resilient flooring can be done by the average home owner, but it isn’t an easy task.

  However a much more time and cost effective method to improve the looks of your floors is by proper cleaning.  We make a personal visit to your home.  We look at the problem floor, then we clean a small area by hand to determine if cleaning the floor is the proper way to go.  If the floor can be cleaned, then we give you a cost to have the floor cleaned...and all this is at no charge!

Examples of some of the commercial  floor services we provide for residential locations:

  1. Bullet  Stripping and refinishing VCT (12 inch tile floor) type flooring

  2. Bullet  Clean, paste wax, and buffing of hardwood floors.

  3. Bullet  Scrubbing and polishing of ceramic and other natural stone material floors.

  4. Bullet  Scrubbing and re-polishing vinyl flooring.

  5. Bullet  Proper cleaning and polishing of “no-wax linoleum” kitchen flooring.

  6. Bullet  Clean and re-finishing of VAT (9 inch tile floor) type flooring.

An example of some dirty and stained kitchen floor.

Residential Services
The “before” picture is on the left and the “after” picture is on the right.
All the dirt and grime is removed, but the stain is still slightly visible due to the fact that the stain isn’t on the floor, but absorbed within the floor. The above flooring is over 20 years old and the owner was going to replace the floor!

If you would like a free quote for any of your cleaning needs, whether they be for a commercial environment or more of a specialized residential cleaning, please do not hesitate to contact us by:
Telephone 585-330-0039
Email keith@americanjanitorserviceco.com


The picture on the left shows an area of the floor that was cleaned by hand just to make sure that the floor can be cleaned.  The picture on the right show the floor area totally cleaned.